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A cost-effective, all-in-one messaging platform for Korea

Create custom Kakao Templates, schedule messages, and streamline and track your Kakao AlimTalk, FriendTalk, and SMS/LMS/MMS messages utilizing our user-friendly solution.

All-in-one messaging platform


A seamless custom tailored messaging service

Establish stronger customer connections and boost loyalty by sending personalized messages using Kakao, Korea's top messaging platform.

Seamless custom tailored messaging service


Compatible with Salesforce Marketing Cloud & other 3rd party platforms*

Seamelessly integrate with Salesforce Marketing Cloud's Journey Builder using our custom activity TAKO package or with other third-party platform using our TAKO REST API.

Compatible with Salesforce Marketing Cloud & other 3rd party platforms



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You can send Kakao AlimTalk, FriendTalk, and regular SMS/LMS/MMS messages directly from the TAKO webapp. You can also send messages using our Salesforce Marketing Cloud TAKO Package.

Alimtalk is solely informational type messages like order/booking confirmation, event invitation, payment history, or delivery status notifications. Alimtalk messages can only be sent to customers with a Korean phone number and you cannot send any newsletter or announcements with AlimTalk. Alimtalk has limitations that need to be approved by Kakao before using the message template.

Friendtalk is used to send marketing messages like promotional or new product release messages and can only be sent to customers who have added the brand as a friend on Kakao and have a Korean phone number linked to the KakaoTalk account. Friendtalk does not have template limitations and therefore can be fully customizeable as it does not need Kakao approval.

Although SMS/LMS/MMS can be used as the primary method to send customers messages, it is more costly and has a lower open rate than Kakao messages. We instead recommend utilizing it primarily as a fallback method in the event customers do not have a Kakao account or if their Kakao account has been disconnected.

TAKO can integrate with any third-party platform via our REST API. TAKO also is compatible with Salesforce Marketing Cloud via our SFMC TAKO package plugin.

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